Fully equipped state-of-the-art machine shops complete with 5 axis machining centers. NTS AMEGA utilizes the latest CAD/CAM technology to deliver superior quality and provide cost effective solutions.

Working with a large range of material -from exotic materials (Duplex, Super Duplex. Inconel, etc.) to various ferrous & non-ferrous material grades.


Using new technologies and materials, NTS AMEGA has developed a portfolio of customer approved processes designed to extend the life and availability of high value downhole tools.

Our specialized repairs cover the spectrum of complex welding practices along with precise tool feature reinstatement. 


NTS AMEGA maintains a global fleet of over 15,000 rental tools to support customer drilling operations.  NTS AMEGA Tool Rental proudly leads the industry with the largest fleet of high strength non-mag drill collars, stabilizers, and subs.

NTS AMEGA also supports the industry with proven downhole vibratory technology, high energy Jars, Shock Tools, and proprietary rotation technology.


At NTS AMEGA Global, we create, supply and innovate world-class mechanical solutions through our technology, people, processes and practices that solve our customers challenges


With mobile workshops, CNCs onsite at customer facilities, and remote operation machining collaborations, NTS AMEGA supports customized solutions that bring our solutions closer to wellsite.   These creative support models optimize operational efficiency which reduces administrative and logistics costs. 


Through bulk purchase and consignment arrangements, NTS holds stock of NM140KSI, Duplex, Inconel, 4140 & 4145 materials to support accelerated turnaround times, while providing commercial benefits to Customers.


From our strategic locations in United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, the USA, Canada, Singapore and Norway, NTS Group has established itself as a premium provider of innovative manufacturing, repair and rental solutions for customers and end users across the Oil & Gas sector.


To be the global partner of choice enabling customers to achieve operational excellence through mechanical solutions


To create, supply and innovate world-class mechanical solutions through our technology, people, quality, and processes that solve our customers’ challenges


NTS AMEGA Global has been serving the Oil & Gas industry for over 30 years.  Acquired  in 2013, Promet AS, a 5-Axis Machining Center of Excellence based in Norway, was founded back in 1984 to provide local, high integrity manufacturing support to Norwegian North Sea Oil & Gas customers.  NTS Middle East was established in 2006 to provide Oilfield Service Companies with local access to innovative repairs across a range of MWD, LWD, Non-Mag Collars, and Drilling Accessories.  The original portfolio of services provided by NTS Middle East has expanded and now includes; conventional and complex component manufacturing, offsite machining services as well as a range of stock and inventory solutions.

With NTS Middle East fully established in the region, NTS Saudi was openned in 2012 as part of the company’s In Kingdom Total Value Add (IKTVA) strategy. Through significant investment, technology transfer and sharing of best practices, NTS Saudi offers the same extensive portfolio of NTS Middle East and has established itself as the leader of In Kingdom complex repair and manufacturing solutions.

The acquisition of Amega West Services in 2020 established NTS AMEGA as a global player by adding 5-axis machining centers in the United States, Canada, and Asia-Pacific further increasing the companies  precision machining & repair capabilities as well as adding a fleet of over 15,000 rental assets.  As a globally integrated machining company, NTS AMEGA has continued its global expansion in 2022 by adding a machining facility in Guyana to support LATAM deep water drilling activity.